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Meska Sweets

Meska Sweets
Meska Sweets offers authentic Gluten/Dairy Free Kosher Moroccan cookies that are hand-made in NJ, minutes from Manhattan, in small batches using all-natural ingredients and no preservatives.

Meska Sweets has a selection of traditional Moroccan treats based on centuries old tradition along with its signature Gluten Free Moroccan Macarons (Orange Blossom/Almonds, Matcha, Cafe, Chocolate...). The company is 100% dairy free and Kosher Pareve OU and has a large selection of Gluten Free treats. Meska Sweets' offering encompasses delicious edible gifts to offer, in lieu of chocolate, as well as boxes of lovely Moroccan treats to indulge on with colleagues and loved ones. The company ships nationwide.

Mehdi and Mariam started Meska Sweets to share the flavors they grew up with and bring their love for this Moroccan tradition to the four corners of America. Every cookie they make is based on the same recipes our mothers, grandmothers, and generations of women before them used to make perfect artisanal Moroccan cookies that will melt your heart. We believe everyone deserves to discover the pleasure of a perfect Moroccan treat.

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Meska Sweets

176 South Van Brunt Street 07631 Englewood USA


Mehdi Menouar

(646) 580-4960