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Luis Da Cruz Artist

Luis Da Cruz Artist
« A Renaissance man for all generations is amongst us! Artist Luis da Cruz qualifies for this rare and unique title because his work appeals to a wide multi-generational audience. At his last event, Picnic in the Garden attendees -which numbered around 300- included Baby Boomers, Gen Z, Generation X-ers, and Millennials. Everyone was photographing, interacting and participating with the art of Luis da Cruz » Professor Karen Santry


Luis Da Cruz has been described as a multimedia artist-acrobat-architect-designer-decorator and bon vivant. In fact, he is all of these. But on October 25, Luis Da Cruz unveils his most recent artistic creations, emphasizing ceramic sculptures and paintings, in sumptuous indoor and garden settings of his own design, called Musée Maison. The event takes place from 6-10 PM at 532 West 148th Street.

Luis Da Cruz is an internationally recognized visual artist and designer. Born in Covilha, Portugal, he moved with his family to Rennes, France before establishing himself in New York City, as an adult, where he now lives and works. His years in France proved pivotal in his development as a multi-faceted artist, designer, and decorator. For the renowned Pierre Cardin, with whom he worked for seven years while living in France, Luis Da Cruz helped to gut, rebuild, renovate and decorate hotels, restaurants, showrooms and private homes across France, working as well on special projects in Belgium and China.
Much of Luis Da Cruz's work is heavily influenced by visual experiences and materials encountered on his travels throughout the world. For example, it was on his visits to Asia that he was continually exposed to the potential of iron as material with endless artistic possibilities --- so much so that iron became a strong presence in his work both alone and in combination with a variety of unexpected materials. Mr. Da Cruz creates furniture, lighting, home accessories and installations mixing iron with such contrasting materials as wood, bamboo, fabric, porcelain, glass, and even leaves. His exploration of the organic and inorganic -- often combining the two -- and the construction of visually engaging and tactile installations have become important trademarks of Mr. Da Cruz's work. He also creates his own fabrics, mixing, for instance, raw burlap with refined linens, colored glass, beads, and other materials.
Luis Da Cruz's work has been exhibited internationally in group and solo shows and has received substantial international media coverage.

My art, like my life, defies strict labels. I view myself as a visual artist, living in New York City, but always on the move. My creations incorporate such diverse materials as iron, canvass, and well as the wildly unexpected such as coffee filters, NYC trash containers, elevator cables, discarded mattresses and much more. Somehow the discarded and the mundane can achieve elegance when worked into the right setting. As a result, my work transcends categorization. Throughout my career I have created site-specific installations for international clients, furniture and design objects for retail environments, and paintings and sculptures for exhibitions. I find inspiration everywhere and so I am always working and continually creating.

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Luis Da Cruz Artist

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Luis Da Cruz