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Sacha Zabotin Artist

Sacha Zabotin Artist
The “Al’z Timers” and “MRF” series – Sacha’s primary focus – are based on memory. The belief is that the space around us is constantly full of memories, whether we see / remember them or not. Despite the impermanent nature of reality, the artist thinks the things that make up our lives are subtly yet physically stored in the space that surrounds us.

Sacha paints the MRF series in search of so called "Memory Retention Fields", and the result is what he likes to think this "full" space looks like, as if everything were permanent. Even if we forget, or even if particular events weren't witnessed at all, they are still stored somewhere and have meaning. Like the question of if a tree really falls if no one hears it... the answer in this series is yes. The arcs, loops, lines that you see here are like past stories subtly /resiliently whizzing through space (connecting people, places, things, events, etc) - despite no longer having "concrete" forms in the present.  

Sacha demonstrates this feeling/idea in the process. The streaks of color you see are applied first, then completely covered such that none of them can be seen. Just a mix of whatever the colors blend into + multiple distracting layers. Then he removes all of the paint on the surface of the canvas - scrapes it clean. Funnily enough, even if the initial streaks were blended/painted over/"forgotten", when all is removed they come to the foreground and everything that covered them fade into the background. In other words when the complexity of the present is removed, the past is revealed (in colorful and acrobatic gestures), all on the same canvas. Sacha calls these resilient historical abstractions.

The Al’z Timers series represents the theory of the MRF paintings in practice. They are less stretched out over time and more in the moment and nuanced. First the artist writes out phrases/ sentences/ letters/ poems/ along with occasional figurative drawings – all in charcoal.  Then he abstracts all of these scriptures into a smoky monochrome background layer. This layer is further abstracted with more and more swatches of color and form until the last “structural” lines are applied to hold everything together – like a pattern. Despite the abstractions and build-up of layers, the original charcoal scriptures are stored at the canvas’s surface level. They live there and have meaning, regardless of their apparent impermanence. 


Expositions :

• Resident Artist at Chez Benoit (60 W 55th Street, Manhattan)

• Group Show at Gallery 104, Tribeca

• The Other Art Fair, Chicago, Mana Contemporary. May 16-19, 2019

• Group Show at Gallery 71, Manhattan. May 28, 2019

• Stay tuned for potential upcoming shows in the spring of 2020 in Brooklyn, London, Dallas, and Chicago.

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Sacha Zabotin Artist

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Sacha Zabotin