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Gallery des Artistes

Gallery des Artistes
After running galleries in Montreuil near Paris and Toulon in South of France, Parisian native Nicole Bonifay opened in 2018 the most uniquely curated art gallery in Bucks County. She presents original paintings and sculptures by featured artists from France, USA and Israel that can be found in famous galleries and auction houses in France and Europe... and now right in New Hope, PA!

Gallery des Artistes represents talented artists like Lawrence Schiller, Stephan Beauvais, Frédéric Bonin-Pissarro, Le Closer, Carole Jury, Monica Mariniello, Dadave, isabelle Cochereau, Pascal Bruha, Françoise Frenaud, Alex Maesano, Emmanuel Piperno, Christine Jean-Guyader, Corinne Artyco, Emilie Teillaud, Nathalie Matheudi, Jonathan Aubry, Virginie Napo, Didier Guillaume, Jérôme Combe...

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Gallery des Artistes

20 West Bridge Street 18938 New Hope USA


Nicole Bonifay

+1 (217) 328-7978