Moroccan tagine

Moroccan tagine
Hi I'm Philippe private chef with 30 years experiences Propose any catering or delivery food tailor made we also got Service of authentic Moroccan tagine nd couscous delivery service From 180.00 rand deliver to your door Sorry picture size to big for the advert

Al our taglines are served with couscous semolina nd vegetables 

Deliver to your door time of your choice price per head

Chicken lemon confit olives nd coriander R 180.00

Beef with prunes nd cinnamon R 210.00

Lamb with caramelized pear R 220.00

Sardines with chermoulina R 210.00

Pastilla  couscous royal msmen chicken safran or any dishes queries now 

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Moroccan tagine

35 Third road 2090 Kew Johannesburg Rsa