WILD is an Hong Kong based independent digital marketing agency specialised in Website Creation, Design, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Content creation, Email Marketing and Onlines Sales Optimisation. Wild is obsessed about 3 main goals: attracting the best talents, creating the best team spirit, and driving the best results for its client. See more information: https://wild-at-heart.net

Why join us ? 

5 reasons to work at WILD:

- Reveal your creative potential

- Learn new cool stuff every day

- Meet young and smart international people

- Do something you love

- Be WILD… even at work


The kind of talent we look for?

We’re currently seeking an experienced manager to work on a variety of WordPress sites and projects in our ongoing client support department. Our ideal candidate is someone who finds satisfaction in solving challenges in a support environment, has experience reading and creating well-written code that follows the WordPress standards, and is very flexible and reactive. Managing a project requires a well-rounded understanding of not only the code, but also the environment and the requirements of the client. He or she is willing to take initiative, is capable of managing competing tasks on their own, yet also embraces working together as a team.

You will be working on a variety of projects in a number of different capacities. Some projects will need minor template work done, others will need new custom made functionalities. You will need to be smart about choosing and displaying technical solutions that will meet the client’s need and expectations. 

Required skills and qualifications

- WordPress expertise

- Understanding of Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery

- Understanding of Server Side Technologies: PHP, all others a plus

- Can review and interpret business and technical requirements

- Understanding of SEO

- Willing to learn and take on big responsibilities

- English written and verbal communication capabilities

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49-53 Queen's Road East 0000 Hong Kong Hong Kong