Image_resistance, Humanity

Du 21 Juin au 30 Juin 2019 // Expositions
Image_resistance, Humanity
Moving photography toward the contemporary... Francois BANCON questions the medium and the IMAGE in general, its role and influence as it is weakening under the social media pressure.

Any ART is an act of resistance (G. Deleuze), this show has been conceptualized after years of "on the field" work, 1200 characters compose the elements of what Humanity is in Hong Kong but not only. There are all symbols of Humanity.  There is only HUMAN, no "beyong", no "above". A conceptual approach of photography.

Curated by NIDO

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Du 21 Juin au 30 Juin 2019, de 18:00 à 19:00

Image_resistance, Humanity

3 Wa Lane sheung wan hong kong
Remarque: in between 227-229 Hollywood road


francois BANCON

9450 9656