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Du 09 Novembre au 11 Novembre 2018 // Expositions
Clockenflap Music
Le festival de musique de Hong Kong est de retour sur Harbour Front! Quelques groupes ont été annoncés en avant-première: INTERPOL, KHALID, DAVID BYRNE, anpu.

The legendary three-day event is a collection of music, art, culinary experiences and much more, aimed at bringing together a community of people who share a love for this beautiful city and its creative output. Bursting with innovative elements ranging from gigs to silent disco to movie-concerts and set against Hong Kong’s iconic skyline, the spirit of this festival can only truly be experienced by being a part of it.

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Du 09 Novembre au 11 Novembre 2018, de 11:45 à 23:50

Central Harbor Front

Central Harbor Front Hong Kong Hong Kong