Where rubies are hidden

Du 27 Avril au 19 Mai 2019 // Spectacles
Where rubies are hidden
Rukshaan Art welcomes you to Where Rubies are Hidden The exhibition builds a narrative through the paintings and sculptures of artists from Baroda, who through their creations, comment on physical and emotional construction. Each artist brings the integrity of thought and experience.

All the artworks are based on the structure of society. Through the different layers of construction, they have attempted to reach the deepest layer of the unity of being on the one hand, as well as the diversity of existence within the same.

The title, Where Rubies are Hidden, is borrowed from a poem by Hafiz, the much-loved mystic poet.

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Du 27 Avril au 19 Mai 2019, de 11:00 à 19:00


Ali Building, 72 Dresswalla house, Old Custom House Rd, Kala Ghoda, Fort 400023 mumbai india