Osmosis | Curated by Shaleen Wadhwana

Du 24 Juin au 10 Août 2019 // Expositions
Osmosis | Curated by Shaleen Wadhwana
Osmosis—a group exhibition of artists Rithika Merchant, Samanta Batra Mehta, and Savia Mahajan, curated by Shaleen Wadhwana. The exhibition, which is a result of months of conversations between the artists and the curator, works with the ideas and the knowledge of the symbiotic universal truths of life, namely death, distance and belonging – which are beautifully articulated in a catalogue essay.

Wadhwana says, ”Looking at different artists’ practises, one often studies their points of intersection to understand where, and if, they meet. Recording collected histories, myths and stories, through mark making with pigment and ink, is where the practices of Savia, Rithika and Samanta form a conjoined language. They lend the viewer an insight into their ideas of how they feel at ‘home’ and their phoenix-like acceptance: that new life arises on the ashes of its predecessor.” 

In the exhibition, Wadhwana explores how each of the artists decodes the cyclical processes of life and death while unpacking an understanding of what distance and belonging mean. The artists investigate these ideas in their works, through interactions with nature, politics, culture, society, religion, history and geography. Each floor of TARQ has been envisioned as a point of thematic intersection between the artists’ practises, through their use of mediums; all three engage intensely with drawing. While Rithika Merchant and Samanta Batra Mehta incorporate layering in their two-dimensional works, Savia Mahajan and Samanta Batra Mehta work with three dimensional found objects, with Mahajan specifically engaging deeply with ceramic. This immersive display invites the viewers to place themselves at crossroads of three diverse artists’ practises and take a pause to reflect on their ‘osmotic’ ideas. 

This exhibition is presented in partnership with Access For All initiative, they are the Accessibility Consultant for Osmosis. 

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Du 24 Juin au 10 Août 2019, de 11:00 à 18:30


F35/36 Dhanraj Mahal, C.S.M. Marg, Apollo Bunder, Colaba 400001 Mumbai India