Leonardo's Symphony

Le 22 Juillet 2019 // Concerts
Leonardo's Symphony
An Ensemble Performance of Italian Renaissance Music

 Come celebrate the remarkable and universal genius of Da Vinci and discover the polymath's flair for music! Music, as his other pursuits, was a well-rounded passion for him. In celebration of 500 Years of Leonardo da Vinci, Italian Embassy Cultural Centre, Mumbai, Royal Opera House, Mumbai and Avid Learning present a Performance of Italian Renaissance Music by the Sensus Ensemble. The Ensemble includes Mezzosoprano Arianna Lanci, Renaissance Instrumentalist Adriano Sangineto, Renaissance Harpist Marianne Gubri and Percussionist Marco Muzzati. This quartet of talented musicians and vocalists from Italy will bring to our stage a visionary evening of Renaissance musical compositions, inspired by Da Vinci's rebuses. Of special mention are the instruments being performed, which include recreations of original instruments designed by Da Vinci himself! Join us for a unique evening steeped in the sounds of the Renaissance that will bring Da Vinci's musical explorations to life!

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Le 22 Juillet 2019, à 19:00

Royal Opera House