Du 17 Avril au 17 Mai 2019 // Expositions
Flore Beleva vous invite à l'inauguration de sa nouvelle exposition de photographies "Murmures"

“Whispering” is the representation of a permanent quest on the meaning to be given to life; At first glance we lose our bearings, without horizons to focus on a specific point, no detail to give a track of where we are, then it becomes secondary, we find the pleasure of the child playing alone, the characters are in action but silent, and the objects, old and rusty, burst by their protagonism on the image. The overexposure of photography brings us back to a certain fragility of the moment, and seem painted on the canvas.

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Du 17 Avril au 17 Mai 2019, de 19:00 à 21:00


4 passatge del credit 08002 barcelone spain


flore belet