EK Property

EK Property
EK Property is an accommodation provider for people who live and/or just arrived in the country. We are managing properties in central auckland where you can rent a room for as long as you want with a minimum stay of 3 months. All our properties are fully furnished and centrally located.

Why us?

EK Property is an established company operating in Auckland, with a strong back ground within the property industry. Our team is multi-lingual, friendly and experienced. We are a dedicated company able to provide help and advice to plan your re-location in Auckland.

What we do:

We are specialised in flat/house share, offering a wide range of fully furnished and well equipped properties across Auckland. We trust flat-sharing can be one the best parts of Auckland living, as it gives the possibility to meet new people, have flexible solutions fitting individual needs, as well as be cost effective. 

Our mission:

As professional sharing company our mission is to provide an excellent experience for landlords, agents and tenants. Everything is done to assure an optimal comfort. The properties are taken care of by our experienced agent. Our regular inspection assure, both landlords and tenant the continued maintenance of properties.



EK Property offers guaranteed rental income to Landlords. We guarantee that you receive a competitive fixed weekly rental amount on the same day every week regardless if your property is occupied or not.

By using our extensive flat share experience, we will ensure that the right tenants are chosen to share your property in order to maintain the highest standards.

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EK Property

41 Shortland St 1010 Auckland New Zealand