The Tasting Shed - Metro Top 50 2018

The Tasting Shed - Metro Top 50 2018
The Tasting Shed presents a complete experience for the senses. There is no doubt that food tastes better in good company with the right ambience.

Here at The Tasting Shed, Ganesh, Jo and the team are devoted to bringing you the best dining experience Auckland has to offer – an entrée style gastronomic voyage that takes your taste buds on an adventure. Their vision was to offer the freshest ingredients, accentuate these with an array of wines by the glass, and create an atmosphere which fuels the desire to discover new flavours among friends and family. 

Ganesh and Jo designed every aspect of the restaurant with the goal of making their customers feel like they were dining in an extension of their home. 

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Wed - Thur : 4pm - 10pm.
Fri, Sat, Sun : 12pm - 10pm

The Tasting Shed - Metro Top 50 2018

609 State Highway 16 Auckland Nouvelle Zélande