The Engine Room - Metro Top 50 2018

The Engine Room - Metro Top 50 2018
we believe that the best meals are about the experience. All dishes are invevitably tied to a memory: where you ate it, who you were with, the surroundings, the weather, the ambience — these all contribute to the taste of a dish.

Consistent, welcoming and serving good food with flair: The Engine Room epitomises what a neighbourhood restaurant ought to be. There’s seafood and steak, and menu staples such as light-as-air twice-baked goats’ cheese soufflé and churros with thick liquid dark chocolate. This is a smart yet comforting restaurant, not only for classics done well, but for polish and reliability, thanks to the sure hands of long-time owners Carl Koppenhagen (in the kitchen) and Natalia Schamroth (out front). A Top 50 stalwart, this sweet spot is a deservedly popular fixture not only with northside locals but on Auckland’s wider dining scene.

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Dinner: Tuesday – Saturday from 5.30pm
Lunch: Friday from Midday

The Engine Room - Metro Top 50 2018

115 Queen St Auckland Nouvelle Zélande