Cocoro - Metro Top 50 2018

Cocoro - Metro Top 50 2018
There’s a sense of both ceremony and celebration at Cocoro, where head chef and co-owner Makoto Tokuyama pays the utmost respect to his ingredients, turning out Japanese food that is breathtaking in presentation and superior in quality.

You won’t find any shortcuts here: Tokuyama is a perfectionist, personally visiting the markets to buy the freshest young ginger for pickling, and insisting wasabi be grated at the table for optimum freshness. Service and décor are infused with a Japanese sensibility — ordered, graceful and minimal — and staff have a tangible sense of pride when presenting dishes, as if they, too, are seeing them for the first time. The superb and far-reaching drinks list focuses on organic and New Zealand wines and out-of-this-world sake.

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Tue - Sat
Lunch 12 - 2pm
Dinner 5.30 - 10pm

Cocoro - Metro Top 50 2018

56a Brown St Auckland Nouvelle Zélande