Clooney - Metro Top 50 2018

Clooney - Metro Top 50 2018
Their focus is to showcase the New Zealand ingredients they use and their regional diversity. This comes to life in preparation and presentation.

The mysterious intensity of Clooney’s vertically dramatic dining room, with its spotlit tables, intimate tan banquettes and sheer corridors of black string curtains, feels more apt than ever with the arrival of executive chef Jacob Kear. Preceded by his reputation, the Japanese-American chef has worked at all three Noma restaurants under René Redzepi. His still-evolving style at Clooney features tasting menus that are playful, well paced and thrillingly challenging. A Redzepi-informed lust for immersion in the local ecosystem combines with traditional Japanese processes and flavours to create sensuous studies of land and sea. Dehydrated cherry blossoms, pine-scented tomato water and crispy South Canterbury eel with sancho pepper provide a mere glimpse of Kear’s creativity. His knack for balance means having 13 courses feels energising rather than soporific.

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Tuesday to Sunday 5:00 pm to late.

Clooney - Metro Top 50 2018

33 Sale St, Freemans Bay Auckland Nouvelle Zélande