Casita Miro - Metro Top 50 2018

Casita Miro - Metro Top 50 2018
Specialised in the cuisine of Spain and the wider Mediterranean Rim, Casita Miro is all about shared dining and 'tapas' and 'raciones' (large plates) are perfect for a fun, relaxed and social dining experience.

Casita Miro is a one-of-a-kind experience, serving Spanish fare in tandem with wines produced from the very vines the restaurant overlooks, and also offering a great list of imported sherries. Chef Cristian Hossack’s food is rich and satisfying, with dishes taking inspiration not just from Spain but also Spanish-speaking and Moorish cultures. His menu includes the wonderfully Central American-esque crispy-skinned pork belly, which comes with sweetcorn salsa, tomatillo jam and coconut yoghurt. On the floor, Cat Vosper is the star of the show but even when she’s absent, the place retains a buoyant atmosphere thanks to the assured staff. Let them talk you into a sherry flight; with a bowl of kalamata olives braised in honey, red wine and orange zest, this is a complete experience in itself.

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Lunch: 7 days from 11:30am - 3pm
Dinner: Friday and Saturday from 6pm
Wine Tastings: Daily from 11:30am - 4pm

Casita Miro - Metro Top 50 2018

3 Brown Road, Onetangi Nouvelle Zélande