Apéro - Metro Top 50 2018

Apéro - Metro Top 50 2018
Apéro is not about creating a dynasty, but about building a restaurant where honesty, integrity & consistency are paramount.

Apéro is about trusting us to do it our way. We want you to enjoy what we do night after night, week after week and year after year... Our aim is to create an environment that is comfortable, that is based on good food, great wine, and above all else... good times.

Elevating K Road’s sophisticated offerings and reinventing an old tattoo parlour situated adjacent to a karaoke bar, Apéro exudes an intimate, modern and refined ambience with a casual air.

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From 4pm, Wednesday through Sunday.
Lunch on Friday.
Closed Monday & Tuesday.

Apéro - Metro Top 50 2018

280 Karangahape Rd Auckland Nouvelle Zélande