OOB Organic

OOB Organic
OOB Organic is an organic blueberry orchard. We specialise in growing and marketing fresh and frozen premium organic blueberries, along with a range of premium organic Ice Cream and Sorbet within New Zealand and to the world.

OOB Organic is a certified organic blueberry orchard, located in Omaha, an hour North of Auckland New Zealand.

The orchard is unique in that it has created a wonderful balance between modern technology, organic growing principles and commercial priorities to produce top quality organic Ice Cream, Sorbet and Berries.

OOB Organic produce a range of products including:
850ml Range Ice Cream & Sorbet
Multi Packs(2 x 120ml) Ice Cream
120ml Ice Cream & Sorbet
Organic Blueberry Juice
Frozen Organic Blueberries & Strawberries

CANSTAR BLUE - 5 STAR RATING - Most Satisfied Customers - Ice Cream Tubs 2015

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OOB Organic

89 Jones Rd, Omaha Auckland New Zealand