The Fab Truck

The Fab Truck
The Fab Truck is our homemade Crepes Food truck in Auckland. It will be a pleasure to meet you and give you the right taste of Galettes & Crepes with love.

New Zealand has given us so much... now it's time to give back with ‘Fab's crêpes’!

My partner Rachel and I met in 2004 when she came to have a crêpe at the shop I was running in the South of France - yes, it's very much a crêpe love affair for us! We've kept it going ever since, serving hot crêpes to our neighbours out of our garage.

We came to New Zealand as a French couple 5 years ago and are loving it. NZ's beautiful landscapes and wonderful people have become a true home away from home for us... but there was one thing missing: Fab's crêpes! In France, we love to eat crêpes, both sweet and savoury (there called 'galettes'). It's a healthy meal, made to order, fresh, natural and delicious.

The ‘Fab Truck’ offers a broad menu that can satisfy your hunger, whether you're craving sweet or savoury. Our menu has been carefully crafted to make sure every item is unique and every bite will leave you wanting more.

Any special requests? Don't hesitate to ask! We will do our best to fulfil your needs. Crêpes are our passion and we take pride in creating an outstanding crêpe experience for you, all made to order.

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The Fab Truck

Auckland New Zealand