Making the world a better place one melty cheese at a time - DJ

Melt is brought to you by Jay and Claudine Avante who aspired to bring something new to the Auckland street food community. 

Research was undertaken, food was eaten and they decided that introducing the Swiss innovation of raclette to the city was the way to go. An ingenious appliance, the raclette grill, is used to melt cheese to a gooey delicious state and is then poured over a variety of luscious food creations. 

Be sure to check out their creations at events and markets around Auckland. 



Price: $12 - $14

Classic Raclette - Deep fried potato wedges, cornichons, pearl onions, savoury gravy, melted smoked manuka cheddar cheese, topped with bacon bits. 

Raclette Cheese Steak - Thinly sliced sirloin beef, caramalised onions, savoury gravy, with melted smoked manuka cheddar cheese. 

Meatball Sub - Spiced meatballs soaked in our very own tomato based sauce, with melted smoked manuka cheddar cheese.                                         

Parmesan Wheel Pasta - fresh pasta whipped into a frenzy inside a wheel of parmesan cheese, served in your choice of flavours: carbonara, bolognese, truffle cream, or creamy pesto.

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