Little French Pastry

Little French Pastry
The Little French Pastry is taking over the world of dessert with one weapon.. Le Millefeuille.

Behind the Pastry

Little French Pastry create authentic French pastries and treats with a special passion for mille feuille - a handmade puff pastry composed of 729 delicate layers, filled & topped with luscious whipped ganache & finished with unique garnishes.

Brought up in the culinary home of pastry and with talents cultivated as pastry chef at Clooney - one of Metro’s Top 50 Restaurants, Benjamin Pascal founded Little French Pastry to bring authentic French flavours and intricately crafted pastries to the New Zealand market. Whether it be the delicately constructed apple tarts, the flavourful jar desserts or the company’s premium offering, the mille-feuille, Little French Pastry has a decadent creation to transport you to Brittany in one bite.

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Little French Pastry

69 St Georges Bay Road Auckland New Zealand