L'Authentique New Zealand Charcuterie

L'Authentique New Zealand Charcuterie
Made in New Zealand by imported Frenchmen. Squeezing a bunch of frenchmen in a shipping crate wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. They now squeeze generations of charcuterie tradition into every L’Authentique product, hand-crafting quality cuts of free-range meat to create true french style products, fresh for you.

Welcome to L’Authentique. Founded in 2006, by former Parisian restaurateur Guillaume Desmurs, we’ve introduced New Zealanders to a fresh taste of the charcuterie tradition, picking up local gourmet food awards along the way. We specialise in artisan sausages, parfaits and terrines, all made with locally sourced, free-range meat.

With the French charcuterie tradition comes an uncompromising attitude to quality. “From the beginning I wanted to make products that are ethically perfect, with no concessions...” says Desmurs. “...like the ones that our grandparents would have eaten.”
With all fresh ingredients sourced locally from premium producers, attention is paid to every detail throughout the production process.

Everything is handmade, ensuring the highest standards, and a consistent refined and flavourful taste. That tradition also means our products contain no gluten, starch or flour.
As we’ve grown Guillame has recruited more traditionally trained French charcutiers to keep those standards high. We now have 4 french charcutiers on staff, including Phillippe Arregui. Philippe is a third generation charcutier, who is now our supervising charcutier. He applies his French family tradition to the delivery of a quality NZ product.

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L'Authentique New Zealand Charcuterie

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L'Authentique New Zealand Charcuterie


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