French New Zealand Chamber of Commerce

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French New Zealand Chamber of Commerce
FNZCCI aims to foster stronger and sound business relationships between France/French Pacific Islands and New Zealand.


Connecting you and your business with opportunities in NZ, France, and the French Pacific from wherever you are

The objectives of the FNZCCI are:

To promote and extend mutually prosperous and amicable economic, social and commercial relationships between individuals, firms, companies, corporations, institutions and associations of France/French Pacific Islands and those of New Zealand.

The mission of the FNZCCI is to help its Members with queries they may have regarding their bilateral business, and also to answer questions and help overseas businesses who want a local partner in New Zealand. To assist French/French Pacific Islands companies in setting up subsidiaries in New Zealand, including initial research, general business assistance, and vice versa regarding New Zealand companies wishing to enter the French market. Small in its beginnings, the FNZCCI continues to expand recruiting new members every year. Members are typically French companies, subsidiaries of French companies, New Zealand companies with French/French Pacific Islands links, New Zealand companies who simply like France/French Pacific Islands, and even French and New Zealand individuals.

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French New Zealand Chamber of Commerce

Shortland Street 1140 Auckland New-Zealand



(+64 9) 309 6100